2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Camo

New ! 12499.00 plus 670.00 freight. No Prep Charges !

Now you don't have to choose between a two-person or four-person Side-by-Side: The Honda Pioneer 700-4 boasts an innovative convertible design that allows the two rear seats to fold into the bed. Owners can opt to use the Pioneer with two-seat, three-seat or four-seat configurations. Best of all, the rear seats fold quickly and easily without the need for tools, and once folded away the Pioneer’s tilt-bed space can be fully utilized. The Pioneer 700-4 has a dual-rate front suspension designed to deliver a smooth ride while still providing plenty of travel. In addition, its superior load-carrying capacity allows it to haul 1,000 pounds or tow 1,500 pounds. Available in the optional, Honda-designed and trademarked Honda Phantom Camo™, this workhorse of a machine can also be dressed up, modified and personalized by choosing from the full line of more than 50 Honda Genuine and Signature accessories.

Recommended for drivers 16 years of age and older.

- Wheelbase: 76.8 in. (1,950 mm)
- Shocks: Front: Hydraulic
Rear: Adjustable hydraulic